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The Flag Company

Providing world-class flags and advertising solutions.

We’d like to think of ourselves as more than just a flag company. Today, we stand as a specialist manufacturer and producer of not just institutional
flags but also advertising and sports flags. Our aim is to ensure that every customer is satisfied, local or global.

The inks used by the flag company are of the highest standards and UV protected. This ensures the product quality offered to our consumers is of
superior quality and lasts much longer.

Getting Windy? Not For Us.
The stitching and locking in our flags are made tough by multiple iterations. This ensures the interlocking doesn’t open even in wild winds when the flags are displayed or hoisted in open environments.
Most products are made portable by virtue of easy packaging solutions so they can be assembled in a DIY fashion and are convenient for moving around, enabling reusability for different events or venues.


We measure our success in square meters.
All direct deliveries from the flag
company are sanitized and
executed in a contact-less manner.

Maintaining Excellence Through A Pandemic

Given the pandemic, we continue to maintain the highest standards of safety and sanitisation at our facility. All manufacturing unit staff is tested from time to time to assure their good health.
All direct deliveries from the flag company are sanitised and executed in a contact-less manner.

The Flag Company


A proud Indian enterprise working towards minimisation of carbon
footprints by using eco-friendly fabric and inks. We’re focused on
managing our waste disposal and promote the recycling of materials to
take place without hampering the environment.

The acres of land around our manufacturing unit has been converted into plantations for organic farming of fruits and vegetables. Made for the consumption of the factory workers and dwellers. The raw material is procured from Indian local vendors, and smaller manufacturers, supporting businesses from India to grow and flourish.

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